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"The true object of human life is play"

25th MAY

làlia, basilica de sant francesc, carrer d'en morei, 2, 07001

Founder Member Invite

You have been hand selected to be a Founder Member of Làlia, Mallorca’s new private member’s club, due to open in Fall 2022. Located in a cascading building overlooking the historic Santa Eulàlia square, Làlia brings together a community of thinkers and creators. As a Founder Member, you will be part of an intimate group that makes up the core of our community. ith four levels and a myriad of eclectic rooms to explore, Làlia is a creative hub with spaces to work, exercise, and socialise.

As a Founder Member you will enjoy full access to the club—including our kitchen, bar, boutique gym, and roster of interactive events—at a special membership rate. We invite you to be an ambassador for Lália, helping us to organically expand our community through member recommendations.

We welcome you to book a private viewing of Làlia by emailing us at

We hope you join us on this journey.

This invitation is non transferable and valid until the official opening of Làlia.

39.56930° N, 2.65067° W